Welcome To Rahaboth Security Solutions

We serve to verify business address, business activity, confirmation of employee’s names, identity numbers, directorships of companies, account numbers and every little detail that you need before you commit your hard-earned money to any business or person in Botswana, South Africa and the world. We counter corruption and fraud through Integrity test to fortify trust in businesses.

A Place That Develops The Security And Integrity Of Your Business

  • Integrity testing is a term that is used to describe a range of activities designed to assess compliance with the integrity requirements of an office or business
  • We engineer corruptors or fraudsters dilemma.
  • We uproot the false trust that gives a platform for corruption and fraud to rear its head in any business enterprise.
  • We vet in and out any dishonest employees, agents and customers
  • We redefine the art of Verification/ Confirmation/ Authentication of any information shared in a business transaction. Our systems define the success or failure of any enterprise.
  • We have a list of those that have committed to have the integrity of their businesses and that employees tested at any time and we are able to vouch for counter fraud and counter corruption measures to ensure trust and excellence in business.
  • Please contact us to verify any online transaction from any supplier.

Why choose our products


With the plastic optical fiber technology, the security and anti-theft systems we designed have no false alarms, which are usually generated by the weather, vegetation or animals


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We choose components and monitor production procedures thoroughly, so the guarantee is up to 5 years. Plastic optic fiber is pretty robust and durable. In case of breaks, reparation takes 1 minute with basic electrician’s tools.


Our customers can always count on us. We assist for the preliminary study of the installation project, which we are happy to develop directly. During and after installation, we are always available for support and advice.


We co-ordinate and closely co-operate with few selected local manufacturers to whom we have entrusted the production of our boards . Then every single device is carefully tested before being shipped, to make sure that every function is operative.

Our Customers Also Protected

We Provides All Facilities For Better Work Environment

We undertake to vouch for the integrity of businesses who commit to adopting our counter fraud and counter corruption systems.